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Lucidity 2013

LIghtning in a bottle 2012

symbiosis 2012

festivities ~~~~

This was Symbiosis Gathering's first year at Pyramid Lake, NV and it was the first grand event since the Grateful Dead played there in 1986. You not only got to see and hear amazing performances but you were able to experience the Solar Eclipse from the most beautiful views by the lake. 

My second year to the modern electronic music festival . On the beautiful campground  of Oak Canyon Ranch in Silverado, CA this festival continues to be on the top of my "must visit" events. Not only does the festival have all the artists you crave to hear... it's filled with workshops and live theatrics! 

This year's theme was Fertility 2.0. Fertility is a theme that was coined in 1997 and now it's back. There are many takes on the theme; from celebrating life and creating life, to noting that... the desert and alkaline dust isn't meant to be fertile or to sustain life.. but "We the People" of BRC are able to make it fertile!! We are able to live and grow in this spot because of our sense of community and love for what Burning Man stands for. 

A Spring Music Festival at the Live Oak Campground in Santa Barbara, Ca. It's a smaller more intimate festival with some up & coming artists along with plenty of well-known names. It's full of workshops and entertainment.. including a pool of mermaids!

Burning man 2012

Music video montage~ taken on-stage of Russ Liquid and Lafa Taylor's performance @ Symbiosis 2012. As for the interviews, both artists were super cool and willing to participate, which made it relaxed for me and successful! All footage was taken by my cameraman Westin or myself. I literally know these songs by heart now... due to the hours of editing. Russ Liquid's unique sound, along with Lafa's clever lyrics, is music you're sure to enjoy! Thanks to Symbiosis for giving me the opportunity to get such awesome videos and pics.

Burning man 2011

This year's theme, Rites of Passage, encouraged "burners" to explore new transitions in their life. The man stood atop two peaks, symbolizing a  courageous step toward the unknown.. Which is a step we all have to take, to fulfill our own destiny.

Lightning in a bottle 2013

LIB had a new location this year at Lake Skinner and came with the ever so loved Splash Pad. The Bamboo, Lightning  and Woogie stages brought you everything from daytime yoga to nighttime Bass. Plus, art & beautiful people.

Burning man 2013

This year Black Rock City had an estimated 68,000 show up to experience the event. Why is the man placed atop a spaceship? One might ask.. The reasoning lies in the story of John Frum and the association with cargo cults. Which was also this year's theme.

life is beautiful 2013

This first annual event was a hit from my perspective. With a wide variety of musical artists specializing in electronica,  instrumental livetronica, indie pop, dubstep, alternative dance and more... There was something pleasing for everyone's ears.